What happened to Games for Youth Ministry?

As of August 2022, Games for Youth Ministry has become Thingado! In 2017, we partnered with YM360 to help us build the Games for Youth Ministry platform and get it out to youth workers all over the world. Though we are parting ways, we are so grateful for all of YM360's help and support over the years. Moving forward, our games and the membership will be under the name, Thingado! Games for when your student need a thing to do!

Is Thingado different from Games for Youth Ministry?

Nope. I'm still the game developer and everything is still available. We're temporally pausing new memberships during the site transition. If you have any issues with your games, trials, or memberships, you can contact me directly as opposed to the YM360 support team. Other than that, the name change is the only difference you'll probably notice. 

I'm a member but it says I'm not!

There are two reasons this happens:

1. The email you used to become a member is different from the email you used for your trial. This is a simple fix! Just open any game and head to the "My Account" section in the sidemenu. From there, just update the email address to the one that you used when you paid for your memebership. You'll be sent a confirmation link to your new email address. Once you click that link, your computer will be registered to that account. Quit and reopen your game for the changes to take effect.

2. There's a delay. This is dumb, but sometimes there's a delay between when you pay for your memebership and when your membership is active. It's usually instant, but I've seen it take up to 10 minutes. It has something to do with the credit card processing system in the background. If it has been more than 10 minutes and it's still showing that you're not a member, use the contact form below to let me know.

How do I cancel my membership?

Since we're transitioning everything to this new Thingado platform, some site functionality is limited. Everything should be up in running in the next couple of days. Until then, if you want to cancel your membership, shoot us a message and let us know. We'd be happy to manually cancel is on our end for you. Sorry for the hassle!

Can I use Thingado games without an internet connection?

Yes! If you open a game without an internet connection, it will go into Offline Mode. Games will play in Offline Mode until your trial expires or your membership billing cycle completes. After that, you'll have to have an internet connection so the game can relink to your account.

I get a white screen when I open the games. What's going on?

The games are trying to connect with https://do.thingado.com to verifiy user/member info. Your wifi network is probably blocking it. Talk with your IT admin and ask them to unblock https://do.thingado.com (note: It's not thingado.com that it's trying to access. It's do.thingado.com)

Can I run these games on a mobile device?

Thingado games are designed specifically for Macs & PCs. Mobile games are great, but have too many limitations. Computers have way more power than mobile devices and we love using that power!

Do these games work on a second display?

They sure do! If you have a second display plugged in, it will be detected automatically. When you launch a game, it will always go into fullscreen on the secondary display.

How do I get these games to run inside my presentation software?

Like your presentation software, Thingado games are apps. That means they run alongside your presentation software as opposed to inside. Just launch a game and will hand the screen off to your presentation software when you tell it to.

Can I run more than one game at a time?

Yep! Just open and setup whichever games that you want to use. When you're ready to show them, just click the 'Launch' button. You can have multiple games launched at the same time. The game that's displayed is the one whose dashboard is the front-most window on your screen.

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