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Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance

A large group game that gets everyone up and moving, and then FREEZE! This game can be played two ways: elimination, or judge awards the best dancer/freezer.

We all know how to play a freeze dance game. Play some music and everyone has to dance. The second the music stops, everyone has to freeze in place. Anyone moving is out. The fun part about this version is that you can speed up and slow down the music as well! Just select an MP3 of the song you want to use and a traffic light will appear on the screen. Green plays the music at normal speed. Red pauses it. Yellow slows it down. When all three are on, the song plays twice as fast!

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How to play

To keep things simple, this game just uses the arrow keys to control the traffic light and music's speed.
Left Arrow: Green light (normal speed)
Down Arrow: Yellow light (Slow speed)
Right Arrow: Red light (Music paused)
Up Arrow: All lights (Fast speed)
If you need to restart your music, just hit the, "r" key on your keyboard.
Tip: Some songs contain slow and/or quiet intros. If you can, edit out those parts of the song so that it starts on an energetic note. Otherwise everyone will just stand around for 20 seconds, wondering if the music has started or not.

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