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Knock Knock

Knock Knock

A fun game with variations that uses your uploaded pictures of faces with a couple. Variations include following a face or have students try to remember the order of faces behind the doors.

Upload photos of your students, volunteers, staff, etc, and hide them behind doors. Then, the doors swap! You students either have to keep an eye on someone and guess which door they’re behind, or they have to guess the order of everyone. You can have as many doors as you want. The included Head Maker in the dashboard helps you create heads from images quickly.

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How to play

--CREATING HEADS If you don't have editing software, we've got you covered! In the dashboard, just under, "Settings", you'll see a little message that says, "Need help creating heads from your photos? Click here". Click that and it will launch the Head Maker app.
Once the Head Maker app opens, you're going to click on the image icon in the middle of the screen. This will allow you to select a photo of your contestant from your computer. Once the image loads, it will create a green circle with a bunch of dots around it. This is called the, "Mask". Anything outside of the mask will be cropped out.
Use the scale buttons on the left to make the face almost fit the circle. You can drag the photo to position it where you want. Once you get the face in the circle, click and drag the dots to fit the mask around the head. You can check how it looks by clicking on the, "Toggle Preview" button to the right. This just hides the mask so you can get a better view of your results. Click that button again to bring the mask back so you can continue editing. Once you've got the mask the way you want it, click on the, "Save" button to the right and save the PNG file somewhere on your computer.

At this point, you should have a folder on your computer that has some PNG files of people's heads. Keep that folder handy because we're releasing a bunch of games that can use those same heads!
At the bottom of the Settings panel, click on, "Add Heads". This will open a window that will allow you to select one or more of your png files. Once you do that, a box with each head will be added to the list. You can add more heads at any time. Your changes won't appear until you click the, "Save" button at the bottom of the Settings panel.
—The Gameplay
-- Launch the game and display it on your screen --
Explain to your students that there are some people behind these doors. Use the + key on your keyboard to open all of the doors at once, or use the number keys to open individual doors one at a time.

Follow the Head:
In your settings, the very first person on your list of heads is called the “Key Head”. That means when you open the door with that head, it plays a sound effect that indicates it’s a winning door. Tell your students that they have to keep track of that head.
Hit the - (dash/minus) key on your keyboard to close all fo the doors at once. Then hit the spacebar to begin swapping the doors. This will continue until you press the spacebar agin. You can control the speed at any time by using the arrow keys (Left = Slow, Up = Medium, Right = Fast). Once you’re ready to stop, hit the spacebar and ask your students which door has the head that they’re following.
Use the number keys on your keyboard to open doors to reveal the heads behind them. If you press the number of a door that’s already open, it will close it.
The winners are the ones who can find the head!

Guess the Order:
In this version of the game, load about 5 heads and show them to all of your students by hitting the + key on your keyboard. Hit the minus button to close all of the doors. Then hit the spacebar to swap the doors.
Hit the spacebar again to stop the swapping. Now, have your students write down the order of the people behind the doors. Have everyone stand up with their answers. Reveal one door at a time from left to right. If you’re wrong, sit down. Hopefully you’ll end up with a winner!

Knock Out:
In this version of the game, you upload about 5 or more photos of students who will either win a prize or have to do something 50 pushups. Reveal all of the heads behind the doors by hitting the + key on your keyboard. Then, hit the minus key to shut all fo the doors. Use the spacebar to start and stop swapping.
Now, pick one door at random and open it by hitting the number key on your keyboard. Whomever is behind that door is out! Now, go into your settings and remove that head by clicking the X button in the top right corner of its box. Make sure you SAVE your changes! The doors will reset and one will be gone.
Repeat this until there are only two doors left. The person behind the door you picked it out. Don’t worry about deleting them from the settings. Just open the last door to reveal the winner!
In this game, you can have as few as two doors and as many as 9. The more doors you have, the smaller they are on the screen. Just keep that in mind. The number of doors is determined by how many heads that you upload into the settings.

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