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Monster Match

Monster Match

Let students take turns testing their memory. It's a fun game with funny faces. 

Students try to remember the order of 9 monster characters inside numbered squares. They'll see the squares with the monsters in a certain order, then they'll all flip, hiding the monsters. Then, one by one, a monster will appear on the right side of the screen. Your students have to tell you which numbered square contains the matching monster!

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How to play

First, the game begins with showing everyone the order of all the monsters. This is your students’ chance to memorize where each monster’s spot is. You can press the "Return/Enter" key on your keyboard to shuffle the monsters.
You begin the game by pressing the spacebar. All of the tiles will flip and display a number on the back. Then, a monster tile will appear on the right side of the screen.
Now your students have to guess the number of the tile that they think that monster is hiding.
Next, on your keyboard, press the number that is called out. If they’re wrong, the tile will shake with a classy unpleasant sound. They’ll lose 10 points and can try again. If they’re right, the tile will flip and they’ll receive 10 points. If they get multiple tiles correct in a row, they’ll receive a multiple of that number.
For example, if they get 2 in a row, they’ll get 10 points for their first tile and 20 points for their second. If they get another, they get 30 points added to their score.
If you’d like, you can give students the option to quickly see the tiles again during the game. Just press the “+” key on your keyboard. This will flip all of the tiles, revealing every monster. Then, press the “-” key on your keyboard. This will flip all of the tiles that haven’t already been revealed during the game.
At the end of the game, the score is revealed. The maximum score is 500 points. Once their game is done, press the, "Enter/Return" key on your keyboard. This will shuffle all of your monsters for the next team. Then press the, spacebar on your keyboard to start the next game!

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