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Quickly create a spinner for randomly picking a group activity or game, reinforcement, or anything else. 

Create as few or as many options as you want and type in what you want for each color of the spinner. 

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How to play

Spinner is very easy to set up and can even be changed on the fly!
1. Once you log in, click on the gear icon in the side menu to open the game's settings.
2. Click on, "Add a section" to create a new section (hence the name of the button).
3. A little box will appear. If you don't want text in your section, just leave a space (leaving it blank will fill in a default value).
4. Colors are chosen automatically, but you can change them by clicking on the color-code under the name. A color-picker will appear. Just click somewhere on the wheel to set it to that color.
5. The size of the sections are automatically evenly distributed. Entering a percentage next to the color input will override the autosize for that box. All other boxes will adjust accordingly. The app will not allow you to go over 100% when all sections are added up. It will give you a warning and you'll have to lower some of the values.
6. You can reorder your sections by using the drag icon in the top left corner of each box. You can also remove a section by clicking on the "X" in the top right corner of each box.
7. Once you have everything set up, just click the, "Save" button at the bottom and launch your game!

To control the spinner:
1. Click on the control icon (under the gear) in the side menu to bring up the control window.
2. Tapping on the, "Start/Stop Spinner" button (or the spacebar) will do just that. If you click this button while the spinner is slowing down, it will stop it immediately.
3. Clicking the, "Nudge" button (or the right arrow key) will slowly nudge the spinner a tiny bit. Only do this when the spinner is also done moving and you need to push it just a little bit further.
4. The colored rectangle at the bottom represents your wheel. Click anywhere in the rectangle to set a target. The next time you spin, it will slow down and land where you set it. To remove the target, just click on it and you'll go back into random mode.

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