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Splodin Frogs

Splodin Frogs

A fun game that will have everyone at the edge of their seat.

What happens when you mix frogger and minesweeper? You get some splodin frogs! Splodin Frogs is a game that challenges your students to work together to get a frog through a pond scattered with bombs. The indicator on the left tells you how many lily pads have bombs underneath them, but it doesn’t tell you which ones they are. If you land on a bomb, your frog “splodes” and you’re sent back to the beginning.

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How to play

Launch the game and display it on your screen. If you’re streaming using Zoom, make sure you select the, “Share Screen” option and select the game window from the list of available screens.
Explain to your students that your frog can jump left, right, up, and down. Each column has one bomb hidden under a lily pad. If you land on a bomb, your frog explodes and you start over from the beginning. When you land on a flower, you’ll be rewarded with a brief glimpse of where the bombs are.
The info bar on the left shows a few things. The first icon shows how many bombs are to the left, right, top, or bottom of your current lily pad. The second shows you how many lives you have. The third shows how far down the line you’ve gone. The last is how many flowers you’ve landed on. The very bottom shows your high scores.
The goal it to see how far you can go without exploding your three frogs! Have fun!

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