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Stop It

Stop It

This intense game tests the timing of your students.

Stop It! is a fantastic, no-setup game that challenges students to hit a button and stop a clock as close as they can to a given number without going over. Whoever gets closest within 1/100th of a second is the winner! This is the kind of game that has everyone going nuts when the clock stops on the winning number. Tons of fun, easy to explain, and no setup required. Just stop it! 

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How to play

-- Launch the game and display it on your screen --
Bring two or more students up to compete. Explain that the game simple. All they have to do is stop the clock closest to 5 seconds (or whatever you decide) without going over. In order to stop the clock, all they have to do is hit the spacebar on the keyboard.
If you want to add some extra fun to it, head over to and pick up a Makey Makey. This little device will let you use conductive materials (like bananas) as the spacebar.
Start the clock by pressing the spacebar (or banana) and let the student press it again to stop. Their time will be displayed to the hundredth of a second! Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to reset the clock.
Bring the next student forward and repeat the process for each student until you have a winner!

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