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This game is going to have your students thinking and guessing. Who can guess the right pattern on the switches by using what information is provided?

Switches is a contestant-driven game that has students trying to figure out the on-and-off sequence of switches on the screen. Each person gets three chances to flip whichever switches they want. A score will appear, showing how many switches are correct, but it doesn’t show which ones they are. The goal is to figure out the order and get a perfect score! No setup required. Just launch the game and play!

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How to play

Launch the game and display it on your screen. If you’re streaming using Zoom, make sure you select the, “Share Screen” option and select the game window from the list of available screens.
(As with all of our games, you can use the keyboard to control what’s happening, but there are also buttons that you can click in the dashboard.)
Tell your students that you’re going to give them the switch test. On the screen are 5 switches. By default, they’re all off. However, some, none, or all are supposed to be flipped on. Have a student guess which switches need to be flipped. They can flip as many or as few as they’d like. Just hit the number key on your keyboard that’s associated with the switch on the screen.
Once they feel comfortable with their choice(s), hit the spacebar on your keyboard to reveal how many switches are correct. This won’t show which ones are correct; just how many.
Give your student another chance to flip as many or as few switches as they’d like. Once they’re done, hit the spacebar to get the new score. If there are any still wrong, you can give them one more chance. Once they’re done with their final sequence, hit the spacebar one last time to reveal their final score.
If there are any incorrect switches, just hit the enter/return key on your keyboard. This will make the incorrect switches transparent.
The r key on your keyboard will reset all of the switches, including the sequence.
Finally, if you’d like to make it easier or more difficult, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. You can have up to 9 switches at once and as few as just one. The single switch is a great double or nothing bet. Allow the winner to walk away with a prize, or take a chance with guessing if the single switch is supposed to be on or off.

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