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Talent Show Buzzer

Talent Show Buzzer

Fun + Easy = Awesome. If you ever plan on hosting a Got Talent show with three judges, then we have the app for you!

Now that we have all that nerdy stuff out of the way, let’s talk about why we love using the Talent Show Buzzer. If you want your talent show to feel legit, then you need judges. If you have judges, then you need to give them the power to destroy the confidence of the contestants. That’s common sense. This app does that.

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How to play

Tap 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard to set a box. So, if you tap the 1 key, the first box will be the one that is used. Tapping another key will set the new box. Tapping the 4 key will set all three boxes at once. Once you have your box set, tap the “c” key to show a checkmark.
Tapping the 4 key will set all three boxes at once. Once you have your box set, tap the, “c” key to show a checkmark and play a “ding” sound effect. Hold down the, “x” key to show an X and play a “BUZZ” sound effect. Release the key to stop the buzzer.
Tap the, “z” key to reset the boxes that have been set. You can do all three at once by tapping, “4”, then, “z”. If you accidentally tap the, “c” instead of the, “x”, just tap the, “x” and it will switch to the big red X (and vice versa).

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