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Toaster Timer

Toaster Timer

We’re not going to over-exaggerate anything here. Toaster Timer is the greatest toaster related timer in the world!

You can use this utility app as a blind timer. A blind timer means the timer does not show the countdown clock. We use it for Hot Potato games and "minute to win it" games.

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How to play

Toaster Timer is a youth worker’s best friend. Toaster Timer is always loyal, forever punctual, and laughs at all your youth worker jokes. Toaster Timer is also the ultimate timekeeper and demands respect from everyone. Never cross Toaster Timer.
The Toaster Timer is versatile. You can set it to countdown from a specific time in seconds. You can set it to pick a random number of seconds between a minimum and maximum amount. Or you can set it to keep toasting until you’re ready to stop it. It’s a Toaster Timer!

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