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Use this tool when handing out prizes or reinforcement and you want to add a little bit of "luck" and fun.

Treasures is a fun, goofy game where you control the outcome. There are 5 treasure chests on the screen. Inside one is a bunch of coins. The others contain things like fish, rubber chickens, and poop. Give your students an opportunity to pick the correct chest. Little do they know, you’re pulling the strings and can decide which chest contains what on the fly.

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How to play

-- Launch the game and display it on your screen --
Tell your students that inside one of these five treasure chests is the grand prize (you can decide what your grand prize actually is, but the winning chest will spew out gold coins). Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle between treasure chests. Stop on the one that your students want and hit the up arrow key to open the lid. At this point, you can decide what is in the chest. Just use the control buttons or their associated keys to spew out the contents. For example, hitting the P key over and over will launch of bunch of poop out of the treasure chest. Hitting the ENTER key will launch gold coins. This is a great reoccurring game. Each week, invite one lucky student up to play treasures. Give them just one chance to win the grand prize for the week. Secretly don't let them win and let someone else try it the next week. This is also great for building up a weekly prize. Like if you add $5 to the grand prize each week and let it build up to something incredible before you allow a winner.

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