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Tug of War

Tug of War

Use this when you want to add a visual and some drama to a cheering contest.

Tug of War is a really quick and fun game that requires zero setup. Just have your students split into two teams (guys vs girls, YouTube vs TikTok fans, etc). The louder they cheer, the stronger their pull on the rope will be! In reality, the person running the computer is controlling the rope with their cursor, but the students don’t need to know that!

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How to play

Simply hover your cursor over the red/blue rectangle in the dashboard. This will move the rope on the screen. If you want to declare a winner, just click and a “WINNER!” message will pop up on the side that has most of the flag on it. To remove the winner message, just click again.

Tug of War is a really simple game that requires zero setup. You can use it however you’d like, but one popular way to play is with a crowd cheering competition. Just explain to your group that you’re going to split everyone up into two teams. The guys are blue and the girls are red (or whatever type of split that you want to do). The louder they cheer, the stronger their pull on the rope will be.
In reality, the person controlling the game is moving the rope with their cursor. The students don’t need to know this. They just need to scream and cheer.
Another way to play is, “Invisible tug of war”. This is great if you can have two adult volunteers miming the pulling of an invisible rope. Just have them wear gloves and tell your students that the gloves have special sensors that are making the rope move on the screen. Again, this is all just for fun, so the reality is that the person running the computer is actually moving the rope :)

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