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Turkey Pop

Turkey Pop

This is your Thanksgiving-themed game that is going to get your students up, pumping, cheering on their friends, and laughing. It takes a little bit of setup but it totally worth it.

Grab two bicycle pumps and two students! Have them inflate the turkeys on the screen until one of them pops. The first to pop their turkey is the winner! This funny game is easy to understand with hardly any setup. Every time a student pumps their bicycle pump, just hold down an arrow key on your keyboard. This will cause their turkey to inflate. If the turkey gets too big, "POP!", it explodes into a bunch of turkey pieces. Check out the, "How to Play" section below for more details.

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How to play

Turkey Pop is kind of a fake game because the bicycle pumps do absolutely nothing. Instead, the actual inflating of the turkeys on screen is controlled by the keyboard. The students don't need to know this. You can hook your bike pumps up to fake tubes that go to nothing backstage. In fact, slap a blue light on the front of the pump and say it's bluetooth enabled! As long as someone presses the correct keys as the students pump, you're all good.
Invite two students up front and show them the two turkeys on the screen. Explain that the winner is the first person to inflate the turkey so much that it pops. Set them up in front of their bike pumps. Give a quick 3-2-1 and let them pump.
While they're pumping, someone on the computer should be holding down the appropriate keys. Keep doing this until a turkey pops. If you want, you can actually bring their turkey back after it pops and make it so the winner is the first to pop three turkeys. Whatever works for your ministry!

Like all of our games, the controls are simple. Holding down the left arrow key will inflate the left turkey with one pump. Letting go will deflate the turkey back to its normal size. The same is true for the right arrow key and the turkey on the right.
The best way to inflate your turkey is not to do a bunch of quick pumps. Long, complete pumps will actually inflate faster.
If you need to pop a turkey at anytime for any reason, pressing the up arrow key will pop the left turkey and the down arrow key will pop the right turkey.
Once a turkey as been popped, it can be brought back. Just tap the left or right arrow key to bring that turkey back. (You may have to wait a couple of seconds after the turkey pops).

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